Carol Chaput
Works of art are many things: a point of view, a vision, an emotional composition of light and space. My work tells stories, ones that explore the relationships we have with each other and with other life forms. My focus is the natural world for which I advocate through my work as an artist and a poet. I am inspired by mythos and folklore as well as by biology, history, and symbolic thought and seek to engage the viewer though the use of light and shadow, form and line.

Here you see “Io Enchanted,” which shows the daughter of Inachus, loved by Zeus and transformed by him into a white heifer to deceive Hera. Eventually altered again into human form, Io was worshipped in Egypt as Isis. The drawing shows Io at the moment of transformation.

In the Grandmother drawings (click on Galleries), women are accompanied by animals, which draw on symbols, mythologies, and folklore from ancient cultures to our own time. Animal archetypes embody the feminine spirit, defining her personality and power. In Grandmother Owl, we see the Greek Athena, incarnation of wisdom and reason, paired with her owl, but transformed from marble to a woman of today, assessable and human. This Athena could be our own grandmother ... or us.

My large landscape paintings focus on the American southwest and use oil, powered earth pigments, ground rock, iron oxide, silver, chalk, clay, and charcoal. Smaller landscapes are inspired by the New England countryside. My drawing and mixed media work use graphite, colored pencils, silver point, egg tempera, water media, and metal leaf. I also create cover art and book illustrations.

My work is exhibited throughout New England, the mid-Atlantic states, and in New York. I am the creator of Image Writing, which studies the intersection of art and writing and which I have presented to numerous groups and organizations. Please contact me with your questions, comments, and if you are interested in purchasing or a commission. Without you--the viewer--the art and the stories they tell are incomplete. As an artist, I work for an intimate connection with my world, my vision, and to you who view it.