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Line of Sight
Minié balls, bone, porcelain figure, cloth, thread
1 - 52
Bone, glass mirror, my Grandfather’s watch
Can keys
Bone, driftwood
Antique ribbon, handmade lace, pins porcelain head, my Grandmother’s thimble
Tea Rose
Porcelain figure, shell “rose, Selma’s handkerchief
Linen napkin, found utensils, crockery
Porcelain figure, nut shells, antique paper
October Term
Tintype, antique paper, handmade ink, antique pen points

The assemblages in The Last Encampment imagine a time ... a place ... an event ... beyond our knowing. Who was here? Why did they leave and why did they leave behind what they did? What were their dreams, sorrows, joys?

The series incorporates collected, found, and inherited objects, including porcelain, fabric, metal, paper, thread, lace, shadow boxes.